Indoor Facility Quercia Stadium

Works for the construction of an indoor facility for athletics at the Quercia stadium of Rovereto (TN)

  • Location
    Rovereto (TN)
  • client
    Municipality of Rovereto (TN)
  • services provided
    Final architectural, structural
    & plant design
    Sport facilities

The Quercia Stadium is located in the north of the city of Rovereto, relatively close to other sports centers and schools. The project area consists of the eastern part of the plant towards Via Bonporti, in correspondence of the square and the current open stand.

We wanted to create a work with an innovative shape, starting from a monolith that splits, allowing to glimpse through the transparencies the typical dynamism of the sports activities contained within it. In addition, the fractures break the prospectus lightening the volume of the sports facility and the recess of the same frames creates a game of shadows and movement.