Multifunctional Area Castello Molina di Fiemme

Recovery works of the multifunctional area for sport activities on the site of the sport field of Castello Molina di Fiemme (TN).
  • location
    Castello Molina di Fiemme (TN)
  • client
    Comune di Castello
    Molina di Fiemme
    Preliminary, final & construction
    architectural, structure & plant design
    Construction management
    Sport facilities

The project aims to recover a portion of the old soccer field of Castello di Fiemme, through the creation of a multifunctional recreational area for sports activities, such as volleyball, basketball, soccer, etc., organized according to a functional scheme. 

The project includes the following activities

  • realization of a 7-a-side soccer field with provision of the relevant lighting;
  • realization of a basketball court in the eastern area of the plot;
  • demolition of the current locker room building and construction of a new building consisting of a ground floor at the level of the playing field used as locker rooms.