Radar Tower Macaion

Construction works of a reinforced concrete tower for the positioning of a meteorological radar on the Macaion mountain (BZ).

  • location
    Macaion mountain (BZ)
  • client
    Autonomous Province of Trento
  • SERVIces provided
    Final & construction architectural,
    structural and plant design design
    Worksite safety
    Public construction

The project proposes to insert inside a complicated landscape context a building with relative reinforced concrete tower to support a meteorological radar.

The context is characterized by the presence of a currently working radar station and a fort dating back to the Second World War. Clearly the project has the task of landscaping the new building within this context.

The project aims to replace the current radar tower with a new one, with the objective of keeping the currently existing structure in operation during the construction works of the new tower.